Get a Jump on Anti-Smoking Ordinances by Switching to E-Cigarettes

It was bad enough when the states and local governments started to ban smoking inside of public buildings. Now there’s a chance things could go even further. Some people have started to push to make it illegal to smoke while you are inside of your apartment.

Don’t assume that you’ll be able to step out on your patio and enjoy a cigarette. If the law passes, you won’t be able to. The odds are pretty good, that there will be some pretty strict guidelines about how far away from the building you will have to be before you’ll be able to legally light up. It won’t take very long before you’ll no longer feel welcome inside your own apartment building.

The city currently discussing this issue is San Diego California. The Smoke-Free Housing Task Force committee really has proposed to the city attorney that they ban smoking in apartment buildings. The Smoke-Free Housing Task Force suggests that residents caught smoking while in their apartments would be expected to pay a fine. If the smoke continues to disobey the rules, they would eventually be evicted from their apartment.

You should expect this ordinance to pass, most anti-smoking ordinances do these days. If it passes in San Diego, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes an issue for apartment dwellers all over the country.

If the ordinance passes, it doesn’t mean you have to decide between giving up your home and giving up your cigarettes. You just have to compromise. I suggest that you make the jump to electronic cigarettes. Even if laws forbidding you to smoke inside of your apartment are passed, it’s unlikely they’ll say anything about vaping.

As a smoker, you already know all about the dirty looks you get when you walk past a non-smoker and they catch a whiff of smoke. Can you imagine how much worse it’ll be when you smell like smoke and walk into your apartment building and people catch a whiff of the cigarette smoke clinging to your clothing. When you decide to electronic cigarettes instead, you’ll save yourself all kinds of aggravation. Most brands of electronic cigarettes don’t have any odor at all. You can use them all day and all night long and the air around you will never change scents. The odorless vapor means you’ll be able to use them inside of your apartment without having to worry about getting served with an eviction notice.